• About Us

    Welcome to Tomáš Tapas Bar & Restaurant!

    The Idea

    ta•pa•s [tah-pahs] (pl. noun): meaning a cover or top it originally derived from the small plate used to cover one's wine glass in historic Spain, which has now evolved to mean the wide variety of appetizers that are served on the small plate.

    The Tour!


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    The Chef

    Tomáś Monosi has provided the area with catering services for more than ten years. Discovering his passion for fine cuisine and realizing his success in catering, he has been inspired to do more in the community. Opening Cafe Tomáś was the first step in furthering his dream which has now brought us to the opening of Tomáś Tapas Bar and Restaurant. Serving three-course-meals, the restaurant is a blend of the traditional Spanish tapas bar and conventional American and Mediterranean fusion.
    Tomáś Tapas Bar and Restaurant welcomes all. Check out our newly expanded Bar and Lounge!

    Serving lunch and dinner daily, we can also comfortably accommodate party bookings.

    "Let me make you something..."

    Tomáš Tapas Bar & Restaurant

    "No shortcuts on quality, a great dining experience and the people we serve are what we're all about. "I like simple and I like flavor. I’ve learned these basics from my mom and on my own. For some reason, my palette, what I like, is what everyone else seems to like as well...”

    Tomáš and Lynn, Chef and Owners